Sunday, February 17, 2008

t to the m to the i

I'll just erase any remaining boundaries here by regaling you with bodily woes. Happily, I'll spare you the details about the flu we had, and just tell you that Bu's involved puking. Mine did not.

Instead, I'm taking the opportunity to enjoy my password protection and bitch about my body's ass backwards reaction to orgasms lately. They used to send me into a coma like guys on sitcoms have after they come. Insomnia? No problem... just pop in a Pirates DVD or revisit scenes from Secretary and- squee! then 30 seconds later, snoozes. 

Annoyingly, however, the last two times I have masturbated to try to put myself to sleep I wind up totally wired. It's fucking ridiculous. Also, it's harder to get there and that is highly annoying. I usually can get off really easy without the distraction of another human being.

Meh. I'm going to attempt to go to bed, then probably lie awake for a while worrying about whether it's stupid or unempowered of me to lock a post about masturbation. Whatever. Oh! A yawn. That's a good sign.

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