Friday, February 29, 2008

a typing attempt

If I look kinda toward the right side of my screen I can see OK, but my eye is really milky and blurred. I'm doing just peachy with the keyboard, though:) Apparently my LiveJournal voice posts only worked for a precious few people, so I'll revisit the updates made there.

I have a tear on my right cornea that is probably a reopening of an old wound inflicted by a very happy and excited Dharma dog a few years ago. Right now there is a contact lens bandage on it and I have to keep my pupil dilated (looks very Delirium to have only one dilated pupil.) Monday the doctor will recheck me and if it's healing he'll replace the contact and if it looks bad I may have to have surgery to re-abrade the broken piece and there was some mention of strategically place holes and then I stopped listening, thinking it was better to just stick my fingers in my ears and go "LALALALALA."

My gut feeling is the increasing milkiness is actually good, being like dead cells that are coming off onto the lens as shiny new cells form beneath. I'm trying to visualize it healing and radiate awesome hippy mama no-surgery vibes but am having trouble focusing (haha!) on meditating. I've called in the big guns- a Reiki master Wiccan preistess friend is coming tomorrow to help:)

I'm summoned for num-a-nums, so I'm off to attend to La Birdy.

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