Friday, March 14, 2008

and today i like being a nursing mom again

I have my awesomest bra, the one I wrote about yesterday with the heels & stuff? It's a black push-up-y thing with adorable embroidered bright flowers, but less obnoxious than it sounds. Anyway, of course it's underwired and not nursing friendly. Consequently, the Birdy has never seen it.

After work yesterday, I came home and she tugged down my top, and she exclaimed, "Whoa!" and was delighted that my bra was so fancy. It tickled me so much. Today she wore it as a shawl and thought she was very lovely. Also, turns out the cups pull down really easily to nurse.

Then we snuggled up in bed, all curled up like mama cat and her wee kitten and had num-a-num marathons bookending a nap. It was very peaceful, with a grey rainy sky outside the bedroom window. She had her legs folded up like a newborn and I had my knees pulled in and it was like a little round bundle within a big round bundle. I noticed how her hands are still really tiny, but that might be because they were resting on really huge boobs.

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