Wednesday, March 26, 2008

baby free- what to do?

The grandies have their grandson for the overnight, so they want to have the Boo* sleep-over too. I'm so OK with that I just can't even describe my contentedness. Remember when she was under one and I would have a panic attack if she spent the night with them? Yeah. Things are different at 22 months. My experimentation shows that one night of full sleep a week is all I really need to function, so I've come to a very happy place about having nights off. An extra one this week is delightful.

I'm wondering what is the best way to spend my evening creatively. I started working on the Furry Zen logo last night, and it's almost ready to post a few comps for critique. (Y'all want in on that action, yes?) I'm excited to be into design a lot right now. I also have a Real Art project in the works, though. There is a Mother's Day show at a tiny local gallery in a bookstore, and it's sponsored by a breastfeeding advocacy group. The prospectus actually forbids the art from showing bottles or pacifiers, which amuses me. (Not to hate on bottle feeding, or binkies, but the crunchy mom in me got a kick.) So I need to get on that. Deadline is in a few weeks. It sucks that they are jonesing for sculpture but I really don't have time to do anything 3D (or, more accurately, to do it well) and fire it at my friend's place. I'm going to submit a digital collage drawing thing. I'm excited- it's a theme I've been sitting on like a mama hen on some little brown eggs.

I feel more funky design vibes than subtle fine art beauty today, but I think I'll do at least the basic sketches tonight.

*I've given up on the Boue spelling. Everyone took over calling her Boo and they all spell it the normal way. She just last week started referring to herself as Boo and it's the sweetest thing. It's so cool and grown up that she's all self-aware and shit. "Shit," by the way, was another milestone last week. Baby's first naughty word:) On my watch, of course... must clean up filthy talk.

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