Saturday, March 22, 2008


Under a hazy quiet-on-the surface moon last night, I worked and worked, filling the house with magic and colors and smells. I baked the delicious muffins- I'm calling them sunshine muffins. The orange is the first taste but is subtle, and the honey gives an earthy, substantial sweetness that is very homey and wholesome tasting. Perfection, all the way to the actual rounded golden poofy tops. The recipe I came up with from the hybrid will be posted later:)

It's a day of rechecking to make sure every sentence doesn't have a :) or !!! I'm in that great a mood.

I worked on a banner with the lyrics to the chant we'll use, and was in Sharpie-scented, color-drenched heaven. I was in my element- flowing and playing and coloring and humming along with radio songs. I feel like I'm four, and the Easter Bunny will bring me the best sweets and I'll get a fancy dress. (I am trying to come up with something pretty and fairyish to wear, but I'm at a loss...)

This morning I'll be

  • decorating the micro-chalices

  • finishing the order of service

  • stripping fake flower petals for Mollybird to scatter

  • getting her Ladybug outfit ready

  • finding me something colorful and getting dressed

  • gathering crayons, paper, dolls sufficient to keep toddler busy on the floor during circle (plz Goddess don't let her tantrum)

And now to shower and get as much of that finished as possible before I pick her up from her Mamaw.


Grthghgnnshh. My site's a hot mess. I've gotta find time to finish my template. Stopped halfway in and have a strange mess of colors and styles that don't mesh with the graphics that came with the template I'm trying to reverse engineer. Since class I'm chomping at the bit to redesign everything I'm involved with but the time, it is not my friend.

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