Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i quit Idol

Why do I watch this fucking circus?

OK. David Cook: Very cute. Pretty talented. But for the love of pop music, WTF is a dude who cultivates the indie rocker vibe doing on this show? Meh. Chris Daughtry, blah blahdee blah blah. So, in vintage Daughtry fashion last night, he rode high on the "brave reinterpretation" of a song from one genre to another, with the glassy-eyed judges ignorant of the fact that the arrangement and whole essence of the cover was blatantly stolen from another artist. Last night, Seacrest at least acknowledged that the Billie Jean cover was via Chris Cornell's version. The judges still went off an orgy of David worship anyway. Seriously, he did perform kick-ass-ingly, but the coolness of the thing was all due to Cornell. So I was pissed last night at the whole affair. This is Chris Cornell's fabulous Billie Jean.

Then I saw this link from Eden and wigged completely. Doxology apparently did the arrangement for the Eleanor Rigby cover.  srsly.

Add to my bitchfest the fact that every time I look at Carly Hennessy Smithson I want to bitchslap the producers because she already had (and it was an epic fail) a music career.

I'm just done. The coolest thing is getting not one night, but two back from teh box. It's just a ridiculous time waste for me. 'Specially now my David Cook bubble has burst.

*Edited to add* OMG I totally didn't realize Betsy is a famous Reality TV commentator. Dood, you need to be telling us these things. How cool:) Here is her right-on recap, including how great Brooke's Every Step You Take was:) 

I keep forgetting to say, but I am in love with Brooke White and the fact that she is a squeaky clean, never-seen-an-R-movie-nanny makes me dream up all kinds of deviant fantasies that I blush to even entertain. She is So. Freaking. Sweet!

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