Wednesday, March 12, 2008

lactating and sexy? oh yeah. that's me.

Squee! Victoria's Secret now sells nursing bras!

This is groundbreaking for me only because I have a gift certificate in my wallet for the Pink Shop of Girly Girl Hell on Earth that I've been carrying around since my wedding day. If I want to be a sexpot, I lean more toward the lack of any undergarments rather than wearing fussy fancy ones. But lo! My pretty black nursing bra broke last week and now I can replace it, with a leapord print one even. And now I will resume rolling in the floor laughing at the idea of a nursing mommy looking anything like the headless, sweaty ribcages on the site:)

I mean, we're sexy. Yeah. Well, sometimes. Or a lot, if the mom is not me, maybe. But no one nourishing a child with her body has time to do that many crunches or could have recovered th etummy stretch of actual pregnancy. I'm going to hurt myself with eyerolling. But, OK. I'm finished.

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