Wednesday, March 26, 2008

logo feedback, <i>s'il vous plait</i>


Help me decide. Suggest fine tuning. Let me know how the colors look together on your monitor, because my own jacked up one reads them as darker than they are in the rest of the 'verse.

The zen is more fur/less blur at full size than it looks here. I assume I'll be able to export it with full furriness intact.

I always get tiny belly butterflies when I submit designs to the LJ Graphic Design community. Am always certain, deep in my brain, that someone is going to say: "Dude, just because you have a BA in art (the generic, non-BFA kind) with concentrations in  Bullshitting Papers About Other People's Art and Making Goddesses Out of Mud, this does not make you a Designer. You are a poser, and also, a loser. You suck, and so do your logos. You clearly learned Illustrator from free on-line tutorials." But no one does, because they are nice and not at all scary. It's all in my head.

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