Saturday, March 8, 2008

more on 'Bitch'

Elizabeth, am I seriously squandering precious babysitter time reading a book on feminism that has a page long diatribe on lipstick and nail polish shades? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm bored and annoyed, and I do not understand why your book isn't called "Slut."

It might be significant fashion-wise that the early 90's saw a resurgence in dark gothy witchy make-up but so fucking what? (Side note, some of those of us who went full on and wore black-black lipstick were somehow able to be both dark-mysterious looking and nice. I am not sure that it's empowered to be an ass. The examples  you're providing of Laudable Bitchiness are pretty evil. Annie Leibovitz bitched out a disabled person for being slow? Oh! How powerful of you. Blargh.)

 I have Naomi Woolf's whatever book. Beauty Myth? and also Faludi's Backlash in my "can't believe I still haven't read this" pile. Maybe I should exchange this for one of those.

Although fiction would be nice. My brain needs a vacation desperately. 

Honestly, Bu's idea of popping in a borrowed Shaun of the Dead DVD sounds brilliant. 

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