Friday, March 21, 2008

muffin love and teh holy grail(s)

I appointed myself Queen of the Honeycakes for ritual food tomorrow. Found some honey orange muffins and another honey muffin recipe, so the baking will be a hybrid of this + this. For non Wiccy peeps, Cakes & Wine is like communion sort of and also grounds you after energy raising. Being very Kitchen Witch myself, I exalt it highly and demand fresh baked goodness. The wine is never wine, because we have a recovering alcoholic in the group. We will be using pomegranate juice tomorrow, and because we have a germophobe and a chick with a raging mouth herpes outbreak (yes, it's me- it's a painful but not too visible one which is preferable actually, to me) we are doing individual chalices instead of sharing. I'm bummed- it's less powerful to me this way, but I'm hoping to make it fun and dress up little plastic champagne flutes maybe. Or something. Hell, maybe we could sip juice outta fake eggs?

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