Saturday, March 8, 2008

on being mentally exhausted and also, a mother. and a wannabe bitch.

OMG does this make me a post-post-feminist?

I grabbed Bitch off my shelf of books I have had forfreakingever but haven't read. I'm like 3 pages into the introduction and I'm seriously annoyed that every single example Elizsabeth Wurtzel has given of bad-girl-ness involves women engaged in sexy badness, being the bad girl of men's wet dreams. Tell me it gets better, because I really do connect right now- really, really, really- with what I think she's trying to say.


But this frontispeice quote is fucking amazing:
Down with a world in which the guarantee that we will not die of starvation has been purchased with the guarantee that we will die of boredom.

-Situationist graffiti from 1968 Paris


Why did I unleash a huge freakout on my husband this week?

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