Sunday, March 16, 2008

really cute timing

I'm ovulating, which OK yeah, intensifies the primal baby-wanting that my brain has officially duct-taped and pad-locked over. (My uterus responded last night by sending a dream that I was hugely 40+ weeks pregnant with a baby boy.)

 It's adorable, because Molly has just become obsessed with playing baby. She brings me blankies (Bang-Bang) and has me swaddle her up tightly then rock and make google eyes over the tiny sweet baby. Tonight she had a late bath and then demanded "Bang-Bang!! Beh-Bee!!!" I swaddled her in my favorite quilt and brought her to say night-night to Daddy. We each took a turn holding and rocking the little baby, then she lay with me, still a tight little Molly burrito, and nursed to sleep.

It was like when she was this baby:

(Same quilt even!)

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