Wednesday, March 26, 2008

shout-out & shameless

I rediscovered my lost friend Claire, who is a Gemini mermaid puppetmistress who lives in Brooklyn but was born in a magical peach blossom. It is imperative that I give her a shout-out because she radiates creative groove and her things are crazy lustable. She works for Etsy (I know- could you die?) You can read about it here, and see how similar our handwriting is.
once in a dirty while, at etsy!

This is her Etsy shop: Once in a Dirty While. If anyone wants to celebrate synchronous birthdays, that person could buy a little puppet (they are very modestly priced- w00t!) for the Birdy for her May 29th birthday (only her second one evar!) and thereby give Claire a boost on her own birthday all at once!

If that imaginary person didn't know my mailing address and wanted to get miss Boo a little gifty, that person could just email daisybones AT gmail DOT com. If someone wanted to buy or make me a birthday present, that is on April seventeenth and there is a Wishlist linky on yonder sidebar...but since I have had thirty more birthdays than Molly, it's not as exciting;)

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