Thursday, March 27, 2008

spell for heidi & family


This spelldoodle (tm) calls on Hestia, the hearth goddess of home, and Mercury the patron of travel to help Heidi with a trans-Atlantic move. Peace and blessings, sweatpea! When is the move?

Hestia is mah girl. She is the only Olympian who was never anthropomorphized. She's always depicted as a flame. She lives in my Buck Stove- did you know? And  she is the sacred guardian of women whose names begin with H. I made that part up, but seriously, I love Her.

Heidi is mah girl, too. She is smarter than me- and I never, ever say that about people. But there it is. She also grows beautiful flowering plants and takes beautiful photos of them and makes really pretty needlepoint pieces and her little boy has a baby crush on Molly. Luckily for the wee Mr. C, the Birdy shares my love of the British:)

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