Thursday, March 13, 2008

spring fever

I want to escape the office so badly. I'm dying to get into my car port and start cleaning it out. When we bought the house from Bu's grandparents, we took on a massive amount of junk. His Pa is an unbelievable pack rat. I have piles and piles of crap to deal with, including several zillion tons of toxic waste from half empty and long forgotten cans of paint, solvents, motor oil, etc.

I called around today and found out who can come pick up my Earth killing chemicals, and am thrilled to find out that someone exists who will come get my shit and take it away from my home. Ecstatic, actually, but that may be due in part to the huge dose of sunshine pouring down on my little town right now. (The town, by the way, did not care about my hazardous grandfather sludge. The county are the peeps who are rescuing me.)

Springtime has also put me in a perky fashion-y mood. I may be wearing mostly black today but my outfit includes some precious borrowed kitten heels, a great (non nursing) bra, and my "skinny" jeans. I feel like a sex Goddess in these jeans because they actually fit me. (Bless you Lane Bryant!) They're the perfect dark indigo but a touch of grey color. I want to fondle my own butt in these jeans. And I cannot believe I wore heels to work, but these babies are adorable and definitely comfy enough for a desk job. All hail my new friend K and her extensive collection of size 10 shoes. Hail too her generous offer to loan me a pair. She rocks like David Cook. (And OMG another Michael Johns dream last night. That dood is hot!)

And speaking of my ass, and I was- before the shoe squee and AI dribble,  if when I lose two pounds I'll be in the one-eighties

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