Monday, March 3, 2008


Mother of God, I am insane. My evidence:

Day 15 or so of cycle: get busy with Bu, less than careful with regards to staying a mom of one.

Day 16: Emergency Contraception, after sleeping on it and deciding the timing was poor enough that taking the pills was a good plan. No side effects w00t!

Day 25 or 26: Bleeding. Early again. Well, whatev. At least the pills worked. Unless IT'S IMPLANTATION SPOTTING OMGZ!!!

Day 1: Nope, it's a period. Cool. Excellent. But crap! I'm totally off my new moon schedule and *pout* I liked my new moon schedule!

Day 2: Read new pregnancy blog. Feel srsly sad I will never have a raspberry-sized alien baby in my belly waters again. Whatev again. Chocolate nao plz?

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