Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a brief break from the break

To tell you how I pwned Bu- I totally win April Fool's Day.

I took a screencap of his laptop. He had Outlook open, beautifully. I set the screencap as his wallpaper, then hid his icons. He thought he'd opened a virus and frozen his computer. Wish I could take credit, but no. It was from a geeky compilation of awesome pranks. Via Eden, I think? Lost the link.

In art project news, my sketches are shit. I'm recruiting a model. If not I'll have Bu take photos but I muchly prefer the model because the woman in mind has an 8 week old and I need a nude female sort of curved over/around her tiny baby. If I pose, I'll be borrowing a Mimi. All dollies are now named Mimi. So are teddy bears.

And now back to my sabbatical.

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