Sunday, April 6, 2008

by popular- OK, by one solitary demand: my tattoos

As requested, the Wicca Hindu (Hinca? WiccaDu?) tattoo as well as my two others. (Notice also the skeaky peaky of the fab new undies.) I remembered I was going to have Bu shoot them while I was snapping my model shots with my friend, so I had her take these. It also partially evened things up since I made her strip for my art:)

They are so lonely, these three. They really need to be part of a large, prolific family of tattoos. My next one will be Ganesha or at least inspired by said Elephant God, and will be on the little arm as the beginning or a little sleeve-ish composition of colorful wildness. Roll over them; the descriptions are in the alt tags. No they're not. Sorry. Didn't work.


My butterfly has Delirium\'s mismatched eyes and the Latin Witches\' Pyramid mantra around it.

This sunburst has my mother\'s natal chart in it. I love this tattoo so much. The green/blue lines were the best idea.

*Sigh* I love tattoos. I think I'd love to learn the art of doing them myself instead of just drawing them and letting someone else perform? install? etch? them. I need to start a saving jar or something to get more. That is such a priority, since we only just got caught up with our fucking mortgage.

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