Friday, April 4, 2008

i have re-entered the American economy


This is what it takes to make me feel spoiled and giddy:boyshort-panties.jpgboyshort-panties.jpg

  • Dinner plans at a  restaurant where you actually sit down and place you order. And the order is for sushi!

  • $17.99 to spend at Border's on Joe Hill's paperback Heart-Shaped-Box, a discount book of Witchcraft Illustrations, and a faery pop-up for the Birdy's birthday. Bonus points for chatting with very cute sales guy about Nirvana due to song title reference in said Joe Hill novel.boyshort-panties.jpgboyshort-panties.jpg

  • Twenty minutes of pure, quiet me time to gnosh on mall pizza and read first chapter of book. It is a gothgirl's wet dream. Even if said gothgirl hasn't dyed her hair black, gotten anything pierced or tattoed in a good six or seven years. Goth lives in my black, angsty heart. Right beside the patchworked, hand-stitched hippy chick part of that heart.

  • $30 Victoria's Secret gift card, and a 5 for $25 sale on panties. Viva les boy shorts. I will look hotter in mine than the model, because I have a set of adorable ass dimples with a Wicca/Hindu tattoo in the middle. Did you know? Proudly sporting the tramp stamp since 1999. 

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