Saturday, April 26, 2008

let me take a lesbian moment

...and tell you who is so smoking hot. Tina Fey is. And Gillian Anderson, zOMG she is in Maxim* and it is So. Damn. Yummy. And so is Maggie and Olivia Wilde and Jewel Staite and Brooke Wassername from Idol. These are my current girl crushes, just so we're current. And Alyson Hannigan, you know, she's up there with Mags. Love.

My current and persistent heterosexual relationship (hi, we call that a marriage in the nice, simple real world outside my head) does not sully my lovely balanced Kinsey scale rating because my fantasies are so queer. I like that Dr. Kinsey realized that our fantasies and such are an important part of the holistic picture of our sexuality. Good on him.

And her is a LOLMaggie, which is a thing I invented just now:

* How many post-'s do I need if I say I'm the kind of feminist who really likes Maxim?

(OK, so if the les-bi-rifficness is all too much for you, I made a very cute mommy blog post at Wabi Sabi Mamas today, and you can listen to my very first podcast there too if you like.)


This post is a celebration of the Sexography project in support of RAINN- the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. RAINN provides information, education, outreach and other services. Among its programs, created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.656.HOPE. Please consider a donation to RAINN. If you donate, please mention the Daisybones blog and note “GBBMC:08″ in the “donation in honor of” section (in addition to anyone you want to honor, including yourself.) This will allow project-related donations to be tracked, and every donation sent from my blog will be (to me) regarded as honoring my mother and all others who were kept silent. Thank you.

(Yeah, I totally thought it was over, but turns out it's not yet. So go donate and read the other amazing posts.)

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