Tuesday, April 22, 2008

some information

I got in!

Am officially an artist again:) The new thing and an old piece were accepted. w00t!

My eye

Is OK. It's very red & teary and scratchy plus sore deep inside. Feels like you'd imagine after the intentional roughing up and poking holes in my cornea. (Oh, Eden. Tell Hawk I was wrong. I have corneal erosion, not corneal dystrophy. Makes more sense- the doc has just checked the wrong box on my old discharge form. He did corneal puncture and debridement.) It was not as terrifying as I'd imagined. He said to find a focus and I zoned in on the Z from the eye chart. Z is for zen. Z is for zen. See? Give me a mantra and I can meditate like crazy:)


Received a notice from the folks running the Sexography blogging project:
We wanted to let you know that unfortunately, RAINN’s donation site has a glitch in it that won’t allow people who donate using PayPal to enter anything into the “donation in honor of” field. Anyone who has donated using a credit card hasn’t had this issue, however, so it’s just affected the PayPal users. In order to calculate the winner for the grand prize, it would help us if you could ask your readers to share with you their donation amount and transaction number for their PayPal donation. We realize this is somewhat inconvenient for you, but we only learned of this issue last week, and are hoping to work with RAINN to have it solved soon (though that may not happen before the end of the fundraiser.)

If you donated via Paypal, you can let me know your amount either in comments or send a private e-mail to daisybones AT gmail DOT com.

Earth Day

Wishing you a happy one. And Molly's sweet little paintings raised $28 for We Can Solve It!

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