Friday, April 4, 2008

the world of me progresses thusly:

Art Update

My nursing dyad* models will be at our photo studio (a.k.a. my dining room, with everything shoved against one wall while the backdrop is set up on the opposite wall and the light stands are surrounded by bump-happy dog and toddler life forms) tomorrow morning.

I haven't even started the actual piece and I have butterflies whenever I think about it because its been two years since I showed publicly and I'm doing all this ridiculously self-censoring, self-critiquing in my head. I think I'm catching it before it enters the realm of being actually self-defeating or any other self-inclusive compound words.

Blog Update

Hi. My layout is still a patchwork of snippets from too many themes and why can't I just take five minutes to upload anything but the giant orange dots from hell? It's going to take a night of experimenting to play with my new CSS skills to really make me happy, but if the orange dots would just relax my eyeballs** would rejoice.

Will be happily, passionately, angrily, sexily, and actively participating in Sexography. RAINN is the beneficiary of this killer blog carnival of sorts. I'm hoping to achieve triple goals here- vent my rage and sorrow about my mom's abuse, celebrate and reconnect to my own dusty, rusty, tired libidinal mojo, and generate a little bit of funding for RAINN. I must be hesitant subconsciously to delve into sexual content, though, because I dreamed that at a family reunion a cousin divulged the story of my most decadent exhibitionist night ever to my entire family.

Web 2.0 Goodness

I have switched to Firefox. Is love. I think I glimpsed, as I logged in to WP, a post about a new Beta version. Will check that out. Best extension, so far, is the Better Gmail add-on. I'm using version 1.whatever because it supports HTML signatures, which is how I found it to begin with- wanted linky goodness to all my 8,000 web projects.

Have also discovered FeedBurner- so soon you will see pretty buttons to subscribe to DaisyBones by email or RSS.

In the topic of Help Me PLZ, could someone help me figure out how to use the new version of CoComment? Can it automatically track my comments and I can check in and see if there are replies that I should attend to? What do you guys use? I know whatever it is it's good, because when I comment back, you magically seem to know:)

*That is the prettiest phrase. I love the acknowledgement that the two of them are a unit together. It also evokes 'dryad,' a tree nymph:)

**RE: eyeballs. My cornea, it is once again whole and requires no scary surgery- just a prophylactic six more weeks of nighttime goop.

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