Sunday, May 1, 2005

Biography & Artist's Statement

About Me:

I’m Heidi Richardson Evans, a mystical-yet-grounded vegetarian, feminist, pantheist, artist mama from Charleston, WV. I live with my husband, three year old daughter, and a dear old dog named Dharma in a house made of mismatched reclaimed bricks.

I only end a sentence with a preposition if I'm drunk.

I live in thrift clothes, a nosering, and tattoos. I was born in 1976 and think the best shoes ever are circa 1994. My favorite words are epiphane, synaesthesia, azure, verdant, meta, and indigo.

I cut my own hair.

In my day-job life I manage a thrift store, Past & Present, for the YWCA of Charleston, WV. We fund housing for women who have experienced abuse or homelessness. You can follow the shop on Twitter and Facebook.

Read some more about my approach to art.

About the Blog

I've been writing online on & off since 1997ish and was born in 2006, a little while after the Mollybird. It has grown with me since then and morphed from frustrated creative slacker anonymous mommyblog to whatever you find here now. I get enough hits that I'm now hosting ads, and I strive for integrity and transparency. Like this: I make pitifully little as a blogger.

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Artist's Statement:

My art is a synthesis of scanned drawings, photographic textures, digital painting, and snatches of my own writing. I’m interested in the intersection of imagery and text- examining modes of thought by pairing the specificity of language against the open, interpretive nature of visual symbols.

My pieces present a psychological or spiritual impression, or depict a transformative experience. I’m influenced by surrealist processes, drawing on associations, stream-of-consciousness writing, and dreams. I also draw on themes in mythology, religious practice, and psychoanalysis. I use anatomical and figurative imagery to contrast with these esoteric elements. I want to portray the tensions between spirit/body, word/picture, science/magic and question these contradictions- perhaps bridge them.

Process & Meta Stuff:

Works for sale are listed on my Etsy shop, but if you live close and would rather purchase off-line, please email me to make arrangements. Unless otherwise noted, my digital work is printed at a professional lab on luster finish paper. While this process is not as archival as a giclée inkjet printing, it yields a much more intense, deep color. These prints are produced the same way as collectible, fine art photographs.

I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS2 almost exclusively, but with some occasional help from into Illustrator and Fireworks. I have a tiny Wacom tablet and an ancient PC and would kill for an upgrade.

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