Saturday, May 24, 2008


Stepping back into the light, in an eye-squintingly literal way. I've been sick along with my husband and, to a lesser extent, the baby. I've barely seen the sunlight, cocooning in bed with books and videos and for one day my eyes were actually swollen shut.

When I crawled out of my hole I found an email request from a woman who had seen my piece Motherline, on an old site. She wrote very sweetly to ask permission to post the image on a thread that's like a virtual baby shower for her friend. I think that's such a cool idea and I happily sent her a jpeg. That piece has a lot of good birth mojo- I traded a print to my doula for her services, and a photo of a dear friend was the "model" for it. This updated version (with a huge snafu fixed from the old piece) was in the Motherhood show along with the "Scars" thing.

Happily, before I got crazy sick, I finished up the inside pieces for the magazine and showed them to one of the editors, who- I have to say in the interest of highly ethical full disclosure- is a dear friend:) So now I have to tackle the cover, which is a little more of a complex undertaking. I can't help thinking about layout, because I am also doing their logo. It's hard to separate design brain from "real" art brain. I think I have imagery in mind though.

I'm logging off to sketch until the baby wakes up from her hard-won nap.

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