Thursday, May 15, 2008

pandora's aquarium

The Art Walk was lovely. It turned into a girl's night out for two, with the very talented Mia. The rain was a nice spring rain, although our sandals got gritty inside. We wandered through Taylor's, Stray Dog Antiques and Callen McJunkin, the Purple Moon's new space. We lingered longest at the Good News Mountaineer Garage Gallery's “Pandora’s Toy Box: Customs for a Doomed World,” which blew my mind right out of my skull.

The show is impeccably curated with each small piece in an identical plexi box. The toys are formed on one of a few vinyl bases. The dark wit and beautiful execution of the twisted little toys, the pop art vibe, the pop culture vibe, the uber-post-post-modern hipness of the whole thing just trips me. It's amazing to have something so contemporary and young and cool downtown. I'm going in again to gawk tomorrow:)

Here is the Gazz story, here is the curator's site, here is his blog.

This piece, Brainsick by Miscreation (Jeremi Rimel,) is my favorite. It delights my fangirl self by reminding me of Dave McKean's Sandman covers. The skull pieces are so fantastic... I've been doodling a lot of skulls lately and looking at a big trend on Etsy of Dia de los Muertos sugar skull inspired stuff. They're so pretty.

The turn out at Taylor's was OK, given the rain I think. I heard a lot of positive feedback and ran into some beloved art friends. (Discussed possibility of showing at the next Buswater thing = fabulous.) The watery paintings that are in the Annex with the motherhood stuff inspired the aquarium part of my Tori Amos allusive title. I saw one of her pieces (Patricia something... damn) ages ago at the thrift store and I loved its movement. She captures the rhythmic motion of water ripples nicely.

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  1. Hey Heidi!! Thanks for the nice review of my show and the links in your blog.

    I think we spoke a bit that night about printmaking? Maybe I'm wrong. But if I'm not I'd still like to see your work.

    Give me a shout sometime.

    Take good care.