Saturday, May 10, 2008


I spent the better part of an hour yesterday talking Bu into the perfect Mother's Day gift: a morning wandering around the East End Yard Sale. (The hipper side of town, i.e. the one I do not live in, has a huge yard sale the day before Mother's Day every year. It is teh awesome.) I won a $10 spending limit, as- yes- we are that broke. I was going to stretch it to $15 though. That was what he spent last year on my iTunes card;)


There were three really strong rum drinks and a (studio cleaning dust necessitated) Benadryl last night, which caused 1) a fabulous night of sleep and 2) a rock solid conviction that at six o'clock a.m. on a Saturday I should be in bed. So it is nearing eleven and the cool shit has been bought by bushier-tailed shoppers. I've been stalking Etsy while I chug my coffee, but the under $10 stuff I found isn't screaming at me. Bu asked my half-conscious self on his way out this morning would I mind finding a little something for his mom today.

So. I am planning a shopping excursion. (Alone: w00t!)

I really want to get her stuff to make virgin margaritas at home. Been dying to do that, actually. OK, truth be told, I'm really dying to get her tipsy on real 'ritas. It's like a mission. I truly believe there will come a day when Papaw is out of town or something and I will make her favorite drink for her. She refuses to drink them in public. It would be unseemly (because they are LDS, remember?) and she's terrified of even ordering a virgin drink that might possibly look like a real one. But chick is jonesing. She mentions it every time we're at a restaurant that serves drinks.

So I think I will get my lazy ass in the shower and head to KMart to see if they have drink mixes and a cheap romantic comedy or drama on DVD. Mamaw lurves her some cheesy kissy face stuff:) Then I may head to the thrift store to see if I can find a treasure there for my own Mama Goddess Day present. Then I will reunite with my munchkin and do some laundry or more launch another offensive into the studio mess. If I shove a few feet worth of floor-cover crap to the side, I could set up the Bird with her easel and probably be productive.

I need to see if Mamaw has a blender, so she can make her yummy drink. What else goes in a virgin 'rita- just ice & the mix? Will have to research.

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