Saturday, May 17, 2008

text out of context

Looking at my work, people stand very close. I feel a little uneasy watching them, seeing the way my pieces get more time than other work because of the words. I feel like I am cheating, breaking a rule that says text is for books or emails, and by putting it on a gallery wall I am greedy, pulling people closer and making them linger longer than they should.

(Written in My Scars, digital mixed media collage, 2008 16 X 20 *cough* still for sale)

Am I cheating with content, too? Spelling- literally writing out my meanings. My work is so literal anyway, so narrative and explicit. No mysteries here, sorry. The text drives this home even more. Does it seem like I'm scared to be ambiguous? Is it "allowed" to be so transparent? I have to ask this because the work I love is usually far more abstracted and minimal.

me, standing in front of an Eve Hesse at the Wexner, seeing her rubber as skin. looking at a mountain of glass shards piled by Maya Lin, a cup of fur by Yoko Ono. me, making weekly pilgrimages to see the Anselm Keifer at the Carnegie. mud and straw in the oil paint, an image that might be a snake, hints of things that won't reveal themselves out of the density. tripping on james turrell light at the mattress factory. i look at this stuff and it's church for me. the mystery transfixes me. so why do i insist on the concrete and obvious?

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