Friday, May 9, 2008

weekend warrior

Whatcha doin' this weekend? I am inundated with tasks, so am doing the list thing:

  • Brewing more coffee

  • Using the one Fly Lady trick I've stuck with: the timer. I use Time Left, a free app I snagged online. Now, and for 26:55 more, I am allowed to be online;)

  • Drawing/scanning/vectorizing a Grass Ninja. It's not a goat. (It totally is a goat, but the boys DEMAND that it be called the Grass Ninja. It's for Bu's buddy's grass cutting crew.)

  • Planning a meeting at church about earth centered, co-ed scouting group

  • Cleaning the studio. Again. Trying to make room for the colossal art easel and drawers I brought home for the Bird as well as making the room actually function as a studio

  • Starting work on a text/visual something for Weave

  • Hoping to pop downtown to peek at my art on the walls at the cafe/gallery

And the smell of coffee and productivity wafts through the house, calling me to drink and work. I love coffee. Coffee loves me. We are in love, coffee and I.


  • Doing something about the mofo dots. I promise. They are inexcusable

Yeah. Or I could blow all this off to go see Iron Man with Bu. It was good. But the coffee made me have to run out to pee four(!) times. date day. And we did go in to check out my art.

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