Tuesday, June 3, 2008

another meta drivel post

I'm pondering my future online. I'm concerned about having all these faces and diluting my energy, and also my what... power to cross-promote, I guess?  I'm half-assing an art blog/Etsy shop and partner parenting blog, and have a design blog and Cafe Press shop idling in the back of my brain. This blog, my precious "secret," earns the most attention and energy from me and also gets the most hits (not a lot by blogosphere standards, but more than my other newborn endeavors, obviously.)

It seems like I should find a way to let my love of this BE a priority, and try to make at least a small bit of money with it... move to a self-hosted site, post (carefully, and sparingly) some ads and a "feed this starving wannabe artist button." To try to be a more successful blogger, I feel like it shows more integrity or something to use my real name. Then I can actually use tools like MyTwitFaceSpaceBooker to promote all my junk at once.

I feel very distinctly fragmented. Embrace this, as quintessentially a me thing, or

Maybe it's time to pick a direction and really focus? What exactly is the real value of having an anonymous blog? Is a safe haven to bitch about my life and write about sex occasionally worth putting all this effort into something that I don't get real life credit for? It all comes across as very money driven, but I'm starting to address that. I'm just about fucking sick of being broke and having talents I know I can harness and letting them dribble out through the cracks in my manic, barely cohesive life.

It's not like I'm writing anything subversive or worrisome. I might clean up the archives a bit if I decided to link to real me shit. I just don't know. I want a direction and a feeling of goal-havingness with my online stuff. Maybe it's not so bad to keep daisybones anonymous and separate. I've just realized recently that this blog is my absolute favorite creation yet, and I want to decide what to do about that knowledge.


Also, I need to check my comments folder more often. Which is to say, ever. I rescued Available Light Kathy's comments (thanks for telling me to look!) and discovered Liz Henry, which, I mean who- er whom?- was a great discovery. Hi, Liz, you are freakin' gorgeous and brilliant. I realize your gorgeousness is irrelevant and it's quite unfeminist of me to  fixate on it, but zOMG your hair is killer.

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