Monday, June 23, 2008

caricature of myself

I was driving my new commute (when the office moved my 7 minute drive became a 20 minute drive which invites more pointless musings) and I had this little thought-chain that literally made me laugh out loud at myself for being me:
  • wonder if Bu's new Serenity comics came yet?
  • need to check out the subscription service for Serenity & Buffy
  • maybe I should just wait for the volume to be published as a graphic novel
  • yeah! then the shipping gas would be saved, oh! plus, less paper. yes: greener option to wait for the collection, but argh... can I wait that long?
  • amazon has pre-order, but TFAW was a mite cheaper... plus I'm supporting a small niche business...more responsible to do that...
And that's when I LOL @ my own brain. Who thinks this much about every freaking tiny thing? Not that it's necessarily a Bad; I'm happy when I notice myself being aware of stuff like that. But also, totally amused when environmental angst meets fangirl anticipation:)

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