Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am getting sick of signing in & out of the Google Empire. So sick, in fact, that I'm considering merging my daisybones account with my real me account and just saying fuck it. (Assuming that's doable.) I forgot that my whole world online is Google-oriented and having two separate identities is a galactic sized pain in the ass. I guess I could just not list it on my Blogger profile and not use an 'about' widget. I'll have to look into it. I'm getting sick of listening to myself waffle about privacy pseudonym identity issues. I assume you are too, and so henceforth I'll try to resolve it myself. Heh.

The domain forwarding is stuck in limbo, so daisybones.com goes to nowhereland on Verio. I may have to set up a page there that redirects. This whole blog moving thing could have been better planned if I hadn't completely failed to plan.

So: quick litmus test: If I were to implement these following ideas, are they at all interesting to anyone who is not me?
  • Thrift Store Thursdays, in which I post a cute photo of some treasure I find in a second hand store while also righteously drawing attention to the excellent greeniness that is buying used stuff
  • Daisy Dingbat Roundup, in which I post new freeware or shareware dingbat and font finds. Alternatively I could make a play on the word Bat and maybe Batgirl Something... although I think Eden undeniably OWNS that persona now & forever, so probably not. Stick with alliterative daisy ding thing. Oh! Daisy Ding Thing. Sometimes my cuteness makes me nauseous. I have a gothgirl on one should throwing up at the rainbow skirted love bead sportin' granola girl on the other shoulder.
Nao, kommint, plz...

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  1. The new features/regular columns sound good!

    I use Gmail as my central email system. I have ALL of my different emails (gmail and non gmail) set up to be picked up on my one gmail account. Mostly I do this because I am lazy, but also because gmail's spam filters are the best in the world. So, I permanently have a gmail page open in my firefox window.