Friday, June 6, 2008

doodles & armpits

I may never actually complete the zine, because other priorities keep crowding it out. One of those priorities includes art I will have made being hung on freshly whitewashed* gallery walls in the company of many awesome friend/colleagues, so it's really OK if doodle projects get neglected. To smooth things over with the doodles, I gave them a place in my header for now.

My favorite part is my spiky little underarm hairs. They are adorable but you can't see very well here. Damn.
Quick aside- I'm undergoing my body hair trauma trying to decide whether to assimilate & remove most of it for this beach trip or just be The Crunchiest Pale Woman in the midst of tanned, slippery people at Daytona Beach. I will probably cave because I can totally milk it and tell Bu it's a birthday present. I love my softness, (and hers... OMG meowwww) but I can indulge his oppressive patriarchal infantalizing mainstream tastes once in a while:)

*I want to say, "pristine" gallery walls, but that would be a misnomer. I learned this today because Sweetney is single-handedly educating and entertaining the whole 'verse with her new link blog:)

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