Tuesday, July 29, 2008

evolution of a logo

  1. Design awesome logo in Fireworks at work while downing a messy veggie burger and onion rings.
  2. Wipe ketchup-and-mayo-coated lettuce chunk off keyboard.
  3. Finish work, drive home, realize I you have forgotten to email the brilliant logo to yourself. Shrug it off. You can quickly recreate it, and you have to redo it in Illustrator anyway.
  4. Open Adobe Photoshop, thinking you'll mess with it here first then auto-trace it or whatever it's called to make the vectorized thing in Illustrator. Look for Water Street, think briefly and wistfully of River Street in Savannah, Georgia. Sigh. Type in "weave."
  5. Realize it wasn't Water Street. Oh! That's right- it was River Avenue. Again recall the adorable cobblestones and beer that gets to live in the open air. Change Weave to River Ave font.
  6. Close Photoshop. Remember you like the object-ness of Fireworks much better.
  7. Close Fireworks, remembering that Illustrator is objecty too and instead of tracing a bitmap you can just join all the paths up when you're done, dumbass, and voila!
  8. In Illustrator, type in "weave." Adjust kerning so the letters are much closer together, especially the "ea."

  9. Draw a wee cute little blue vector shape with pen tool to connect the e & a.

  10. Zoom in thisclose and fiddle with it until it seems to have good graceful curves to link the two letters. Notice the letterforms are slightly awkward. Consider reworking the shapes and dismiss idea. This is what makes it appealing. Duh.
  11. Round out the little loop in the "w." Feel tremendously awesome. Consider authoring love letter to creator of River Avenue.
  12. Decide to add a period, but River Avenue's is squarish and the geometry of the whole thing needs a round period. Circle tool. Try different sizes until it works.
  13. Compose an Ode to the Period in the Weave Logo in my brain, lauding the graphic beauty and the way it quietly alludes to grammar and makes it a verb and a declaration.
  14. In a fit of impulsive giddiness, email font to Laura and Margaret, explaining you never ever give a client only one choice but zOMG it is teh best logo evar! (Also include slightly summarized version of Ode to the Period.)
  15. Eventually send more choices, but they pick this one anyway- of course, because Best. Logo. Ever. At least by me. I have done some lame ass mofo logos, but mostly because my clients wanted something very specific and I was all "Rly? Ew. OK..."


  1. yep, totally awesome. me likes.

  2. Yep. I adore it. I may tattoo this baby on my butt. OK, no. But it wins top portfolio placement, if, indeed, I can ever find time to update my portfolio.

    I'm deliriously proud of its perfect simple loveliness.

  3. Oh my goodness, it's so delicious. I love good, simple design. This one is fabulous. Way to go baby!