Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family Art Fun and Crazy Censorship.

I took the baby with me to the Buswater show, which was as awesome as it usually is. The baby had a blast- there were lots of kids there. She was entranced with Shannon Parsons' whimsical ceramics. I enjoyed them too- I'm loving playful pretty things lately. I take my own art way too seriously- to a pathological degree. Having the munchkin in tow, I didn't even pick up a list of works and won't attempt anything like a thoughtful discourse, but the work was worthy of more. (Joey Elswick did this adorable and clever postcard and more really fun art in the show.)

We went downtown today to check out the Art on a Stick yard sale and to see if we could find my art in the store window. We did, discovering that someone had turned "Motherline" around backward. I sort of just stared and blinked for a few minutes, then went into Galperin Jewelry and fixed it. We meant to peek back in to see if it had been flipped again but we forgot.

My mind boggles. Breasts are that controversial? Really? Perhaps it was the fact that they were accompanied by a big pregnant belly instead of beer or a race car that offended? Motherhood: what a radical, offensive idea.

We enjoyed the WVSU students' art drive-through in the alley behind Capitol Street. It was such a cool idea and the work was impressive as hell. Paula Clendenin (whom I think masterminded the alley thing?) wins best quote of the century for calling Molly my and Shane's "limited edition."

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