Monday, June 23, 2008


Awww... it's Joss Whedon's birthday. In celebration I will start watching Angel on Hulu this evening. I avoided it, because I used to kind of hate that character. (I'm a Spike and Xander girl, y'know, so it follows. But not Spike/Xander, as I have seen on smutty fanfic because... just, no. By the way, there is not enough Spike/Willow. Just saying.) I mentioned picking up the first season Angel DVDs and Bu vetoed, so yay for Hulu.

And I am bumming hard about George Carlin. Fucking genius of a dude.

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  1. what happened to Carlin?

    Miss you, but haven't had much time online, as our barcelona hotel had pay-per wi-fi that we couldn't even get to work when we tried to pay for it! ARGH!!!!