Sunday, June 22, 2008

impetuous aries blogger folds under Too. Many. Details.

My Awesome Big Cool Idea of turning my easypeasy little mommyblog into an Evil Empire a Blogger project with ads and Cafe Press coolness & whatnot has turned into a nightmare of tangled codes and tiny annoyances.

Here is some advice: if you aren't a web developer, use GoDaddy. I was able, with my fine art site, to log in, click "forward domain," check "with masking," and magically my Blogger hosted art blog looks like it's at its own URL. With Verio I had to make actual effort, consult Bu repeatedly, etc. It looks like it will be a hassle to use rather than, which is a pisser. After I think on it a while I may decide I can live with that but I'm cranky right now.

The good? news is I had no idea I have a small hosting package included with my domain. So, potentially I could just be self-hosted. (In which case I could consider a site but then my brain hurts from wasted effort migrating to Blogger so I'm just gonna go lalalalalala and ignore that.) I could also have some nice "about, gallery, whatever" pages like at

My brain hurts now from CNAMES and DNS and RSS and CSS and subdomains and I want to cry. So I will just refocus on my raunchy dream about Malcolm Reynolds (OK technically it was probably a Nathan Fillion dream but having read lots of interviews with him lately I have this sense of knowing him as an actual person- which I don't but still... and my crush feels suddenly creepy because I grok that he is generally squicked by that aspect of fame. So, let's persist in pretending that my sex dream was about a nice safe fictional character) and go to a shinier place in my brain.


  1. As someone who went from a big girl blog with her own domain back to blogger, I feel ya'.

  2. Don't do the self-hosted Wordpress. It was a nightmare.