Monday, June 30, 2008

in which we discuss Elephant & Century Girls

Fun with chat logging:

  • daisybones: ok, my eye sucks today! i want a new cornea... ergh.
  • laurawithoutlabels: I wish I had a spare.
  • daisybones: lol
  • daisybones: souster says i should advertise, "will trade kidney for cornea" b/c i have extra kidney...lmao
  • laurawithoutlabels: you do???
  • daisybones: um, probably. with all the repro organ doubling they found that i either have 3 kidneys or one with 2 systems in it if that makes sense. i declined that dye test to see what's what b/c of not having problems with however many kidneys are in here:)
  • laurawithoutlabels: wow!
  • laurawithoutlabels: you are a mystical chicka.
  • daisybones: they should make a museum for me! lol
  • daisybones: once, drunk at a party, my freak-loving friend and i tried to find all my shit in a medical oddities book... think we found the double vag thing... lol
  • daisybones: my aunt and others think i may have had a twin early on & absorbed stuff? strange. no doc ever said that though.
  • laurawithoutlabels: wow. yeah.
  • daisybones: and maybe mystery twin got my arm bones & vamoosed with
  • laurawithoutlabels: hahahaha
  • laurawithoutlabels: I just had a picture of this baby running off into the sunset laughing manically - cloud of dust - muahhahaha!
  • daisybones: that is awesome!
  • daisybones: i think i wanna blog this- OK?
  • daisybones: (the convo)
  • laurawithoutlabels: yesyes
  • laurawithoutlabels: you should.
  • laurawithoutlabels: do it.
  • daisybones: i am amused:) The Museum of Elephant Girl- dood, that could be the zine-i'm-never-gonna-freakin'finish!
  • daisybones: or that could be issue#1
  • daisybones: of just 'elephant girtl'
  • laurawithoutlabels: nice!!!
  • laurawithoutlabels: I like your zine idea.
  • laurawithoutlabels: you need to do it.
  • daisybones: yep. i am unsure what to limit to the zine. i have a whole book idea i want to create and i want it to be exclusive content, y'know?
  • daisybones: have you ever read the Griffin & SAbine Triliogy?
  • laurawithoutlabels: you could do a series
  • laurawithoutlabels: map it out.
  • laurawithoutlabels: no I haven't heard of it.
  • daisybones: you can check it out @ my house- it's AMAZING. art piece, fantasy novel... very tactile- you pull letters out of envelopes & stuff, it's gorgeous. it's my aesthetical inspiration for 'diary of e. girl"
  • daisybones: which is the journal format autobio novel thing i wanna do
  • laurawithoutlabels: it reminds me of this art project I heard a podcast about... the 100 year old woman or something... lemme google.
  • daisybones: interesting
  • laurawithoutlabels: it was like a zine except it had texture and stuff
  • daisybones: ooh! sooo awesome. did you blog it or share it on googlwe or something? sounds familiar...
  • laurawithoutlabels: i wish...
  • laurawithoutlabels: it was on craftypod
  • laurawithoutlabels: can't search... argh!
  • daisybones: damn... i KNOW i've seen it.
  • daisybones: oh, maybe i starred it... hold on.
  • daisybones: pow! Century Girl!!!! got it!
  • daisybones:

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  1. I sound a little stoned in this convo. I think I said "wow. yeah." I billion times.

    Ok, only once. Now I can't count either.