Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the mistress of math

I just want to declare it loud and proud for the whole internet to know:

I am the Queen of Reproductive Cycle Tracking. The Queen. Because here is what happened when I tried to track my fertility as crunchy, natural birth control method:

Yes. The very first month, totally knocked up. Thrilled, yes, but not so much with the on-purpose. And what happened when I counted on my calendar last month and saw that wooHOO I was all good for the beach trip? Oh yeah. Got my period. In a serious, heavy, crampy way. It was the last day, though, so it wasn't a disaster. The worst part was the ribbing from Bu about my apparent crippling inability to make sense of a fucking calendar. The best part was that it showed up immediately after we were caught in a downpour in Savannah while I wore a white gauzy skirt:)

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