Thursday, June 26, 2008

More on the Weave Cover

I emailed in the new improved self-portrait. Then I found out they wanted full color. (I'll take total responsibility for the communication breakdown.) The good news is, they still want to print that piece in the interior (which actually is B/W) and I had been straining and wriggling under the constraints of the black and white restriction anyway. Tomorrow is an art-all-day-day, and I'm excited to jump in again. I'm dying to post my images but can't/wont until they are published, so this is yet another teaser.

I always need to do a self-portrait first after a period of not working. It's like an emotional barometer, finding footing, a compass... choose your metaphor... GPS coordinates if you like. Then I can find a direction to start navigating ideas again.
Big-nude-mama-art update from the Art Walk tonight: The jeweler called Naomi today to see if she could contact me for a replacement piece. Apparently customers were getting the vapors about all the nipples and bulging bellies. (Violent looking surgical scars are fine, though, it seems.) Shane insists on photographing the way the back of my art is displayed, so if we get a good photo I'll post it.

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