Friday, June 27, 2008

morning FAIL

This was my plan:
  • Get up, have Boo ready when Papaw came to pick her up
  • Get an hour or so of work in
  • Take CD of poetry collage job to printer
  • Pay car payment
  • Go downtown and snap a photo of my art being censored
  • Email final art to Weave except new yet-to-be-created cover.
  • Work like mad productive artist all day
This is reality:
  • Get up. Trap child in overalls. Wrestle screaming pissed off daughter out of trap and arrange clothing correctly. Forget the Boo needs shoes. Scramble to find tiny sandals when Papaw arrives. Have a civilized debate with him about global warming: "zOMG epic crisis the Goddess is sick and we';ll all probably die tomorrow!!!!" vs. "the jury's still out. The temperature's fine."
  • Google Wall-E movie times for Papaw, big cousin love-of-Molly's life Bren, & the Birdy.
  • Show Papaw the portrait for Weave and get crazy insight from his response; realize it needs a bit more work.
  • Finally get ass (and family) out the door. Pay car payment.
  • Realize I have forgotten CD of print.
  • Talk to Souster for a hundred hours. She works at print lab, so I went there anyway.
  • Go downtown for guerilla art documentation. Revel briefly in sublime parallel parking job, an elation very short-lived because
  • I forgot a fucking memory card for the camera too
  • Curse vehemently at self, come home to attempt to salvage my art day.
  • Radiohead + blogging as timekiller transitional activity.

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