Monday, June 2, 2008

my own road to hell

These are my good intentions. Whether or not I will ever bear them to fruition is highly questionable.

  • new layout. or at least smaller dots ya know what? fuck it. Blix is my friend. will customize later. ain't no shame in a ready-made template.

  • self-portrait sketch to use as profile picture everywhere

  • get Bu to shoot some new portrait of me, him, the Bird

  • finish the zine submission stuff

  • oh yeah... finish my own zine? sometime?

  • get more etsy loot online

  • get paypal already

  • make donation button so you can buy me art supplies:) you want to do that don't you? isn't that better than ads anyway? like more direct & transparent? like, i really dig Schmutzie's "tip Schmutzie" link.

  • get started on some clever pretty shit for the show this august?

  • find out if the show's really in august, get a date, confirm i am really awesome enough to warrant participating

  • call Eve and go see her tattoo shop. Eve shall henceforth be the blog-name of an artist friend I need to connect with better. Her name comes from the first work of hers I saw, which has sexy Eden imagery.

  • get a kick ass arm tattoo, from Eve probably

  • get faded ass butterfly tattoo fixed. price this when call made to Eve

  • clean the mofo studio already

  • get house in shape for july party

  • realize my mental health rests on ability to get more sleep, and

  • make some kind of plan to get child off teh boobs through the nights

  • get serious about all online projects. make some money and be creative happy shiny person with mortgage payments made in timely fashion

  • get LaLa to hack away the mess my hair has become, also

  • resist urge to take clippers to my hair, for the Sinead look on me was not as flattering as I had imagined

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