Monday, June 30, 2008

pretty, skinny women with disabilities

I have nothing of substance to add to the comments at the original articles, really. I just wanted to blog it and go: "Hmp." I do like the aesthetic of the clothes & styling a lot. Now I'm very in zine brain but still not having zine time:(


  1. Okay, I'm really bad at this. I had to study those photos to see any physical deviation from "normal." Then I was like, "Oh okay, I see it now." Just like what I did the first time you posted that gorgeous photo of you that included the mermaid arm. Maybe it's me but the disablity/difference isn't the first (or second or third...) thing I'm seeing in the pics.

    I like the lighting & clothing too, esp on their skin. It's just luminous. That's what I saw first.

  2. boobies!!!!!!!!!

    yum :D

    (uh, heah, that's what I saw... but I don't have time/ space to go read the original, as M is packing -- WE FLY HOME TOMORROW w))T!!!!!!!!!) and Rems is on my lap watching "rat" aka ratatouille, his favorite movie eveh.

    love ya, my db chica

    the lexie