Monday, June 23, 2008

regarding my socioeconomic status and the utter lack of respect and efficiency at the medicaid office

I got a letter telling me that the baby's CHIP is discontinued as I failed to renew on time. Only I did turn in the renewal form, in person, by the due date. This afternoon I lost an hour of pay to leave work early and submit my new application and proof of income. My assigned social worker, Mrs. Asshole, called me back after a ridiculous wait. She neglects to greet me or make eye contact after calling my name on the loudspeaker, and ushers me into her office. Glowering but attempting to kill with kindness, I offer a perky how's-yer-day? She answers, "It'll be alright as soon as I get you out of here."


After she finishes my stuff, she starts to lecture me about how I could have avoided the wait by-
Oh, no! I cut Asshole off and told her firmly that my shit was handed in on time and her office lost it. Stormed out. Rushed home. Blogged. Drinking now.

And also, fellow former art major and tired ass working mama? Why do you ignore me like we didn't have classes together? Solidarity, my peeps... solifuckingdarity.

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