Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunshine, FestivALL, and the Beauty and Ease of Cellular Communications

Wednesday last we packed up a borrowed van with cameras, sunscreen, and the newly-two Mollybird and headed south. (Shane photographed a wedding in Daytona Beach.) As we entered the tangles of I-95 at Jacksonville, FL, my phone rang. It was Naomi Bays who is working with FestivALL to get art into store fronts downtown. I told her I was way out of town but the Taylor Annex still had custody of my motherhood digital prints. Turns out she works at Taylors and offered to take over the making-my-prints-visible project, which is lovely.

We're home now, despite my best efforts to convince my husband to let us stay in Savannah forever. We spent one evening there on the drive home. Taught Molly to say "big boat" as we sat in Spanky's on River Street as buckets of rain fell.

Tonight I'm eyeball deep in defragmentation efforts and an epic hard drive housecleaning because my little Stegosaurus of an eMachine has crumpled under the weight of running the almighty Adobe Creative Suite. (I have deadlines, you pathetic machine. Get over it.)

Donation of a new Mac welcome at anytime, thanks.

For now, I'm poring over the (very pretty) FestivALL site, loving this bunch of installation art I see listed. I also see that my favorite WV artist has a beautiful new website. You know her as Paula Clendenin, but I know her as She Who Taught Me The Most Ever, Even as She Recorded Shameful Numbers of Unfinished Heidi Prints in her grade book at WVSU.

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