Friday, June 27, 2008


This is what I've craved my entire post-adolescent life:

You log in, you type in "Tool." You click on Radio: Similar Artists. You groove. You pause to click "Never Play this again" when Godsmack shows up. Feel enormous gratification: Never. Play. This. Again!

I'm considering drafting an educational email to to make them aware that the only thing excusing Godsmack's existence is "Voodoo," and that is only barely OK, what with the ridiculous "deeminz."

Pucifer totally arouses me. (Le Maynard Keenan crush. Mmm.) So does Korn's Coming Undone. The beat and the lyrical rhythm is just hot. (**Edit: Hi. Just read the whole lyrics. I am a sick fuck. That is all.**)

I am drawing some righteous sketches of brains and ribcages and snakes today. Best sketch day ever.

Randomly yours,


  1. you admitted to liking Korn in public. Must. Be. Flogged.

    As a side note, yahoo radio works the same way-you rate what you like, block what you hate. froze my pc last time.

  2. Oh, nonono. I admitted to liking a Korn song. One song. Qualified. Not a fan, as a general rule. Although... Twisted Transi... OK. Flog me.

  3. It's no fun if you ask for it darlin.... :)