Monday, June 2, 2008

twitter sushi

I'm interested in the fact that I <3 Twitter so much, in sharp contrast to the Great Twitter Antipathy espoused by a great many of my like-minded interweb friends. Because over analyzing the innocuous mundane is totally my groove, I thought I'd spend precious brain energy examining my love of things that go tweet.

Attention Defi- Ooh! Shiny!

I have the attention span of a gnat on crystal meth, so I'm a compulsive taker of little itty breaks from longer tasks. Witness sometime the exponential increase in my twittery on long workdays or my "art day" bursts. I haven't determined if my spazzy brain is an asset or a hindrance, but Twitter appeals deeply to my love of a quick flirty little distraction in the midst of doing actual work.

Working Mom and WAHM Wannabe

My office job is very feast or famine. During the famines, I be tweetin'. During the feast, I be taking some tweet breaks to stay sane. My work at home days are also massive tweeting days. I also justify my habit by following inspirational business twitterers like eMom and bethdunn who help keep my WAHM-designer-and-artist dreams in my consciousness.

Connectedness in General: I Loves Me Some

I have felt a generous dose of alienation since I was able to form thoughts. Allow me a tiny little bit more angst allowance than your usual artsy fuck because I have met a whopping three other people whose bodies look like mine. As I mature I realize the whole Elephant Girl zOMG I am such a gloriously freakish weirdo is much inflated in my head, but in my formative years I decided I was Different From Everyone Else on the planet, so it's taken some time to realize I am almost utterly normal.

So, this little alienation thing I have going on has lead me to think a lot about the concept of tribes. My zillions of hours logged in the blogosphere shows me that the idea of recreating a tribal consciousness is a real phenomenon and that people are connecting online with groups of kindred spirits by the thousands and that rocks my socks. I can't count how many bloggers and LiveJournalers and forum stalkers have commented on the awesomeness of finding their tribe online. I am so right there with them. I have found a whole bunch of people who

love to write
do it well
have snarky irreverent wit
are super smart
are interested in my pop culturey stuffs
are interested in my "real" culturey stuffs
approach parenting the way I do
think as much as I do, think about thinking as much as I do, and know what "meta" means

To sum up: internet = the mothership. I am home. Twitter offers constant contact, and therefore constant social belonging and communication. Seriously, it's like an antidepressant. Or at least a bong hit. Or something. Just seeing how many drug references I can jam into one post.

Witty Deliciousness

I love the brevity and compactness of a Tweet. It's like a Hershey's kiss or a single piece of sushi- just a little concentrated bite of goodness. (Food metaphors are the new drug references.) I love seeing a small snapshot or impression of someone's mind. They are like haiku or fortune cookies or postcards.

If you aren't a hater (and dude- I get why you are. Your opinions are so having of the truthiness ring) and aren't following me already, my Twitter handle is daisybones too:)

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