Friday, June 27, 2008

Unexpected Insight and the Third Eye

Just visited with my father-in-law when he came to pick up the little bit. I showed him the self-portrait, and he zeroed in on the third eye area. Said it's off-putting, but he didn't think it's just because it's a weirdo mystical look (not his bag, for sure.) I looked at it for a while and realized I have photo skin texture on one side that doesn't appear anywhere else. The brightness in that area is unbalanced also.

I miss group critiques. Several artist friends have mentioned doing some kind of idea bouncing gatherings. Hard to schedule with the kids and the day jobs and the various life things that like to intrude into creative life. So, I'm thankful for a quick critique from an intuitive eye. Will work it a little more before submitting my final files.

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