Friday, June 20, 2008

w00t: state of the blog

I'm seriously excited! I threw together a fun little banner graphic, set up my Feedburner stuff, and implemented the Requisite Century Gothic body text:) Also applied for an Adwords account. I need to get on the waiting list for BlogHer ads. They seem to be the most tasteful and wassaword... having of integrity? ad network that I've seen.

I know the debate's a constant about personal bloggers using ads. I know. But seriously, my family eats but by the grace of the grandies. Not kidding, they really buy us a lot of groceries and share a lot of meals. I've just reached a point where I realize how much energy and creative juice I put into this little "hobby," and to justify that I need to see if it can trickle me in a little money. I know ads can be really annoying and I really hope people aren't put off. That's all I'll say on the subject for a while. Oh, and if you see a f0rmula ad in a mommybloggish post or a w3ight l0ss pill or somesuch bullshit in a health post, just do not click. You'll incur my wrath:)

Thus endeth the blog whore rant.


  1. Ok so now I am here. I think the Twitter stuff looks kind of crazy- they need to clean up their code or something but other than that it seems easy to follow.

    I personally don't care about ads. Sometimes I click on them just to pretend like I am interested so whoever gets their whatever. Do your thing, might as well.

  2. Lynn, Yay! I have evidence that at least one person followed me:) My Twitter feed looks good now in IE7 and Firefox. Hmph.