Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weave Progress

Here's a little teaser of the cover proposal for Weave. I'm completely wigging that they won't like the darker tone and looser feel these sketches have. I think it's set for a late summer or autumn release, though, and that somehow makes them seem more appropriate. (They might see my gothgirl drawings and decide to save them for Halloween.)

I'm exhausted and sick still/again, but I feel like an art Goddess for powering through it. I'm so stoked for FestivALL stuff. It's also Summer Solstice this weekend and my circle has a guest from California coming to do a circle dance workshop. Yay for sunny witchy art mojo!

OK, no. I finished the piece tonight and it's about a million times more mature and interesting and formally, in all ways, superior. The skull did, at the last moment, sneak back in. I'm mad about skulls lately. The moon, which I treat as if I am mandated by law to include in every single piece, got cut.

This is where process-blogging gets interesting. I have to own up to my morning-after "oh, that's just awful" moments. That's a good thing, probably. I like the idea of transparency in process so much I once tried to document every stage of a Photoshop collage/drawing to create a sort of making-of book with the final piece and everything leading up to it. It became so tedious I couldn't follow through.

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  1. Just saw the update at Weave... they pushed up the deadline I see too!!