Thursday, June 19, 2008

wot ah am doin right now

Because one can only post one Tweet at a time:

  • scarfing pizza, enjoying a Papa John's whole wheat crust test-run. Win.

  • uploading the clinic's site to GoDaddy, slooooowwwwllllly.

  • emailing back the Google God who seems to have said, "Sure, you can have extra posts so you can use your Amazingly Geekeriffic Tool to post all 500? 600? posts from Wordpress to Blogger. (He did not offer me any monetary compensation for being a constant Google Pimp*. Blogger will bring teh cash, though, because I can post ads. And y'all will not care, because you feel the working-mama-starving-creative-type love, yes?)

  • bumming because Blog2Blog won't migrate my comments. I can link back to here, though, so they won't like poof! totally.

  • contemplating what to do with the self-portrait sketch I've just uploaded and petting my little paleolithic eMachine for finally getting healthy enough to run Photoshop again.

*Dood. Todd Oldham's 'Projecting Boxes' skin for iGoogle. So yummy. So is Todd Odlham, actually. I'm officially having a Heterosexual Day. I even entered a captcha earlier that said "hethoti" or something and thought it was cute. Oh the lolz that get me.

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